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We're Seb & Rebecca, proud founders of Leeds-based design company - SEBECCA.

We believe in bringing joy to the world through great design & illustration. Our ambition is to inspire others to be joyful so that they, in turn, can bring joy to the world. We bring to you our collection of cards and gifts, so that you can share some of this joy with your favourite people.

Lovers of beautiful things, we aspire to work that is beautifully designed, original and fun. Of course there's more to life than material objects, but if they bring a bit of happiness, then it proves they're worth it. If something as small as an illustration hanging on the wall or a unique bottle opener can bring a smile to someone's face, then we want to help do that (and we hope that you do too!)


Our company name was first created when we, Seb and Rebecca, were planning to get married (yep - to each other!) - and we were aptly christened SEBECCA by Rebecca's ever-amusing sister. And it stuck. Like, really stuck. So it seemed the only name for the business we founded shortly after.


We wanted to build a company that brings joy to people, and built on our experiences in the design industry. And as big gift and card givers ourselves, and knowing how hard it is to track the perfect ones down, we knew we wanted to share our very own collection with you. SEBECCA was born.

Seb had already started building a collection of uniquely designed gifts and homewares; and in addition to evenings spent designing together, Rebecca had been illustrating cards for as long as she could hold a pencil. Sebecca combines both of these things - the perfect place to go for those special occasions, when you need to track down that perfect gift or card, or even a truly personalised illustration.

At the end of 2018,  SEBECCA upped sticks and moved north from London to Leeds, our new home. Shortly after, there was an addition to the team - Bowie - our feisty little pup, studio assistant, and loyal guardian of SEBECCA HQ. And it's here in Leeds that work on the new collection began to take shape. So there you have it. This is us to the current day.

Welcome to SEBECCA. We hope you like it.

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